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Concept Development - Creating Perceptions 

Innovation is the implementation of creative inspiration. We specialize in high impact concepts. We generate inspiring concepts for a unique advertising approach, brand positioning, pricing strategy or product design strategy. We build perceptions to give an edge to your brand.

Innovation is about converting new and imaginative ideas into reality through the right combination of analytical and creative processes. A dynamic partnership of our analytical and creative expertise coupled with your industry knowledge leads to goal- oriented strategies.

Brand Development – Positioning Success

Products are made in the factory, but brands are created in the mind. A greater focus on the identity of the product rather than just giving it a fancy name is what brand development is according to us! It's more than state-of-the-art product development, selecting marketing research firms and suppliers, branding services, and advertising agencies or deploying branding research. All these are fundamental, yet the starting block is elsewhere.

We create an identity, which relates to the consumer. A successful branding strategy starts with an insightful and competitive positioning strategy. Positioning strategy must come first!!

We provide you with a hard-nosed, realistic and creative approach to find your positioning opportunities. Strategic positioning research, decision clarification along with creativity helps building not just brands but everlasting impression.

Corporate Film - Frames and Functionality

A custom-made video highlighting your product’s utility in the most captivating fashion, another video on announcing an accomplishment, an aesthetically designed demonstration, Media Box is a media production company with vast experience in producing corporate films.

We've produced client case studies, project documentaries, message films and company introductions across a wide range of industries and budgets. Our experienced team of producers, directors, writers, engineers and camera personnel make sure that your product or service is covered from all the right angles.

Video Testimonials - Telling and Selling

Anywhere in the world - We can provide production services to record interviews, messages and endorsements by clients, colleagues or celebrities. We have produced videos for Market research (focus groups), Vox Pops, Product test, Client testimonials, Motion bulletins and Award ceremonies.

Public Relation Films - Content & Convenience

If a picture can speak a thousand words, then imagine the impact a motion picture would have??? Media Box produces fascinating video content to maneuver PR campaigns. Films are an influential method of conveying a message, priming an event, teasing the audience or managing a crisis. We integrate cost efficiency and filmmaking.

Training Videos - Expressions and Impressions

The right kind of awareness and information will be packaged in our engaging training and recruitment visuals, in such a way that the first impression about your organisation will always remain the best.

Commercials - Innovating Creatively

Our in-house creative team works hand in hand to satisfy your marketing demands by producing spectacular, powerful commercials for broadcast across all mediums like T.V., Cinema, Internet, LED Screen, Closed networks, iPhones and other mobile devices etc.

Music Videos - Tuning the Trend/Jingle Box

Nothing is more attractive than a catchy tune and an attractive music video. It can be on YouTube or even an iTunes movie, no one ever misses it. We add glitz to your brand by taking care of entirely producing music videos replete with special effects.

We cover all musical genres and offer packages to suit most budgets. We also offer a host of online marketing services to support your latest release.

Broadcast - Now Here or No Where

Our novel approach towards bringing the broadcast production and distribution alive gives utmost visibility to your brand. Our in-house expertise and passion to deliver helps etch your messages in the audience’s minds through films, TV, commercials, titles, documentaries or music videos.

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